AUDIO: KALiWAE – Disrespectful (Blueface Diss) MP3 LYRICS

AUDIO: KALiWAE – Disrespectful (Blueface Diss) MP3 LYRICS

The anxiety between blueface and his circle of relatives unraveled for the sector to peer after videos circulated on social media showing the rapper physically kicking his sister, kali, down the stairs. the argument among blueface, his mom, and his sister reportedly happened due to the rappers two former girlfriends. following the screaming healthy with his family contributors that led to him kicking them out on the road, blueface shared that his sister become indignant that he would not offer a vehicle for her and that kali changed into free-loading at his domestic.

Even as the social media hype around their circle of relatives problems has dissipated, kali kicked up the dirt once again when she announced that she planned on releasing a diss track in opposition to her brother. she dropped “disrespectful (blueface diss) on friday evening beneath the rap call “kaliwae,” and on the music, she airs out her grievances in the direction of her sibling. she says that despite the fact that he promised now not to alternate once he became famous, he did the alternative. kaliwae does say that if blueface makes a decision to reply on wax, she’s not interested in a again-and-forth with him and states this could be her handiest diss song.

Quotable Lyrics

Those btches only want you ’cause you Blueface You switched on mommy ngga I call you two-faced
If you wasn’t fam I’d be squeezing ngga, toothpaste Ay, this ngga trippin’, tie his shoelace

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