AUDIO: Young Thug Feat. Future – Sup Mate MP3 + LYRICS

AUDIO: Young Thug Feat. Future Sup Mate MP3 + LYRICS

We saw with their cooperative 2017 album, Super Slimey, that they have so much fun when Young Thug and Future get together in the studio. On the second track, “Sup Mate,” after the more subdued intro of “Just How It Is,” Young Thug and Future get down to So Much Fun’s key spirit. From the jump, the constant “yee yee” of Young Thug will let you know that this will be an affair packed with ad-lib. Thug and Future begin to deliver decipherable lyrics, but the song evolves rapidly into slurry, whiny, and screechy sounds -like a party that gets a bit sloppy as the night goes on, but becomes more and more exciting.

The absence of inhibition by Thug appears to bring out the more experimental and wacky side of Future. “Sup Mate” considers the return of high-pitched Future, popularized on “King’s Dead” by his “La di da di da” line, which might be the equivalent of his baby-voiced Carti. In the tapestry of’ yee yee’s,’ hee hee’s’ and’ woo hoo’s, your ear will catch some ridiculous and funny lines, making you wonder if you’ve heard Future say:’ I’ve smashed an X pill in her pussy.’ But you shouldn’t be surprised, because nothing is off the table when these two come together.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m so high, all I can say is “Woo, woo, woo”
I can’t talk, I barely could say, “Woo, woo, woo”
Count a M and count another one, ooh, ooh (Ooh)
Fuck that shit, I enter the lotto, woo, woo (Fuck it, yeah, yeah)

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