Cardi B Blast Forbes Says They Got Her Net Worth Wrongly

Cardi B Blast Forbes Says They Got Her Net Worth Wrongly

Just this morning, Urban Islandz reported Kanye West topping the Forbes list and for the first time in his career becoming the highest-earning hip-hop artist. Of course, other rap artists, including Cardi B, also produced the list, but Cardi is challenging the figure alongside her name.

This afternoon, the hitmaker “Bodak Yellow” sent out a tweet questioning sources from Forbes. Here we believed Forbes was the origin of it, but Cardi B asked an significant question when she tweeted, “Where do Forbes get their numbers because they’re gone?”The rapper platinum seller wrote.

While we didn’t doubt the data Forbes released previously for a second time, we are now also wondering how precisely they get to that figure of the bottom line. Cardi didn’t tell if the sum they’re saying she’s earned is too much or too little, but we’re going to say it’s the latter, given that she’s openly disagreeing in a voice like this.
Forbes mentioned Cardi as a newcomer to the list, adding that “Cardi B (No. 13, $28 million) follows closely behind[ Childish Gambino]—at the age of 26, she is the youngest artist in this year’s rankings— and joins Nicki Minaj (No. 12, $29 million) as one of only two females on the list, the recent example of a pay gap that has long plagued hip-hop.” Here we may go out on a limb, but that may have encouraged the “Money” rapper to make it known that Forbes was incorrect.

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Maybe there’s a large portion of Cardi’s gross income that hasn’t been considered because it’s not yet settled on the books? All we’re saying is Forbes; kindly clear this up; teach us because the world needs to understand not just who gets the bag, but that bag’s proper weight.

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