Download Mp3 4B Feat. Chris Brown Did You Lyrics

Download Mp3 Did You 4B Feat. Chris Brown Lyrics

One of the great mysteries of music remains how Chris Brown finds time to lay down so many spirited vocal performances. Breezy has never been one to turn down a feature despite being a commercial juggernaut and bonafide superstar.

Today, for an emotional and dance-floor-ready banger, his new single with Summer Walker “Something Real” hits DSPS on the same day, he is connected to LA-based producer 4B. Starting with a radio-friendly groove, Chris Brown laments a missed romantic opportunity, one he appears to be hellbent on correcting the course.

“Did you let someone hold on to you as I would?” he sings, at the cusp of a breakdown in the electronic-pop.

Quotable Lyrics

It’s written on your skin and his cologne
You’re way to close to be just friends
Y’all holdin’ hands, y’all makin’ plans
Y’all plottin’
You disappear for days, you just go ghost
Where the hell do you go?

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