Download Mp3 Ambitions As A Swiper Teejayx6 Lyrics + Mp4 Video

Download Mp3 Ambitions As A Swiper Teejayx6 Lyrics + MP4 Music Video

Teejayx6, known as TeejayTeejayTeejayTeejayTeeejayTeeyjay, was buzzing for a minute in select circles. In the subgenre of scambars, the Detroit rapper has become a seminal figure, a genre that may or may not actually exist. In any case, through hard work and dedication, Teejayx6 has amassed a devoted following, a testimony to the quality of his music grind. He recently dropped off a new single titled “Ambitions As A Swiper,” bringing the famous 2Pac Shakur to an iconic beat. A bold move, but one that gives the greats a respectful admiration.

The elegance of Teejayx6, with clever bars bordering on hilarity, is evident off the bat. “I know n***a go when that strategy doesn’t work.

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