Download Mp3 DMTri Action Bronson Lyrics

Download Mp3 DMTri Action Bronson Lyrics

There are few who can deliver such a masterful, borderline culinary blend of hilarious wit, heavy bars, and crazy imagery when Action Bronson is focused. Luckily, the Alchemist-laced Lamb Over Rice finds Bronson in his pocket comfortably, unleashing an attack of uninhibited lyricism.

With a cinematic string arrangement as the dominant soundscape, Alchemist once again proves to be the master of the atmosphere, transferring listeners to honest-to-good movie scenes; it’s no secret that Alc is a legend in the game, but sometimes it goes a long way to remember.

Bronson is his Scorcese’s De Niro, stepping in front of the camera without the charisma of his trademark.

Quotable Lyrics

Bitch I’m a superhero, I wasn’t born with dinero
Somehow I turned into De Niro, just give me one shot at the lead role
You’ll be amazed, like the first time you seen snow
Down in Georgia on the Peach Grove
I shoot 95% from the free throw
60 from the field, strange sex appeal
The lone gunman, muffle the shotty with an old onion

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