DOWNLOAD MP3 Homecoming (Freestyle) K Camp LYRICS

DOWNLOAD MP3 Homecoming (Freestyle) K Camp LYRICS

K Camp did not receive his dues alone. He has been producing banger after banger over the past few years, while also adding to the records of other men. Recently, since he was released from his contractual obligations, he has been much more involved. He’s now doing things his own way as an indie artist.

Bringing it back to the roots of hip-hop, K Camp returned with his new freestyle called, “Homecoming.” The rapper takes on DaBaby’s KIRK “Intro” choral-sampled instrumental while confirming its influence on the rap game. “Na talkin’ hit, bitch I’ve got a couple of these / I’m the music, I’m the na they soundlike/ Most of these n*** are just my soundbites in the match,”

Quotable Lyrics

I went from broke to fat pockets, look at me
I fuck with Texas, give no fucks ’bout PV
I used to hustle, used to pass out CDs
Broke n***as watchin’, I’m just prayin’ that they pleased
How I never let ’em play me


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