Download Mp3 If You Gotta… Tory Lanez Feat. Fabolous Lyrics

Download Mp3 If You Gotta… Tory Lanez Feat. Fabolous Lyrics

Tory Lanez remixed some of the best early 2000s R&B songs on Chixtape 5, but it’s a highlight “If You Got ta…” featuring Fabolous. The version to “Can’t Let You Go” gets mastered with fast percussions and sprinkles in the instrumental the original chorus. As the romantic guitar riffs hit, Tory and Fab lay down bars in their arms about a lover they think would be better off.

Fab joins the third verse and kills it, proving that he is as strong as he was almost two decades ago in lyrics. “If You Got ta…” features a refrain that is bound to instantly get stuck in your head and I wish they were playing it again before the song was cut off. Even, “If you’re going to go…

Quotable Lyrics

They can’t leave us alone, they either thieves or they clones
I got VVS stones, they look like TVs that’s on
Won’t get points off me, nigga, my defense is on
I can play man-to-man and I can even go zone, listen
Full court, I’ma press you if I like you, shawty
Bull shorts on a nigga like I’m Michael Jordan
Hook first time, Little Mo, I might go show ’em
Fuck it, do it for the second time like I’m Tory

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