It’s all about the better “OLD DAYS” on the latest single from Russ. The Atlanta rapper has released new music so often that we will have a whole album on our hands before we know it. Russ has blessed fans with a range of singles during 2019 including “Paranoid,” “AINT GOIN Home,” “All I Want,” “Civil War,” “Summer At 7,” “ON 10,” and “Rent Free.” The steady launch of new music can lead to Russ’s inspirational book It’s All In Your Head scheduled for release in November.

Russ’s “OLD DAYS” has him desiring days when things seemed much easier in his life. He lists the changes that have taken place since he achieved celebrity status and succeeded in creating a song that is perfect for driving around your neighborhood as you drive through your favorite local hangouts. Check it out and let us know if you’re up to the new Russ vibin.

Quotable Lyrics

I feel like I was just seventeen, wide eyed
Riding ’round Atlanta in my Nissan at night time
Thinkin’ of my girl ’cause I didn’t have hoes yet
Didn’t have a gun ’cause didn’t have smoke yet
Now I’m more strapped than the government
My rap name is my government
So I take this sh*t more personally
Made “Yung God” ‘fore they started worshipping me

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