DOWNLOAD Shoot It Out 2 Chainz Feat. Sleepy Rose & Hott Locked N LYRICS

DOWNLOAD Shoot It Out 2 Chainz Feat. Sleepy Rose & Hott Locked N LYRICS

It’s a big day for T.R.U University’s tenured Professor Tity, 2 Chainz. Currently bustling with his T.R.U brand, Atlantic Records officially unveiled a deal with the influential Atlanta rapper, who recently spent his weekend ducking rats on New York City streets. Billboard reports the production, launching a new pose cut from Chainz, Worl, Sleepy Rose, and Hott Locked N. 2 Chainz reveals to Billboard that his main motivation is to change the life of someone for the better.

“I’m excited about the new company starting from the ground up, my greatest goal is to play a role in improving the life of someone and making them a millionaire,” he says, a testimony to his honesty. I approach the record label with different levels as a class. That’s why they call it’ The Real University.’ It’s a path you’re going to. “Now, it looks like he’s picked his graduating class. Every scholar shows up on” Shoot It Out “with distinction, taking to the banger with a millionaire’s hustler’s desire to be. Thank 2 Chainz for locking this one down.

Quotable Lyrics

Born with a triple beam, you born with a silver spoon
I seen little drip, kiddie pool
Got Tennis shoes all in my living room
Yeah, kickin’ shit like Liverpool
Told my partner that he need to get a job
Shawty wore a glock to his interview

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