Finally 6ix9ine Rejects Witness Protection Program

Finally 6ix9ine Rejects Witness Protection Program

The embattled rapper allegedly has no plans to join the witness protection program once he is released from prison despite snitching on his former gang.

Tekashi snatched his former associates of Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack during his three-day testimony and recognized fellow rappers including Cardi B and Jim Jones as members of the gang. Sources near him, however, inform TMZ that he will forgo the protection of witnesses and instead return to celebrity lives.

The 23-year-old could become a goal to cooperate with the feds, and the Nine Trey Bloods could gun him. The rainbow-haired rapper could begin over and live a life away from the spotlight out of fear for his safety. The state has effectively moved and shielded high-profile witnesses including mobsters and reformed murderers in the past, according to The New York Times.

Instead, Tekashi decided to use cash he had before his arrest to employ safety around the clock. He also intends to go back to creating music, and once he’s out he hopes to revive his career.

But it’s not going to come inexpensive. He will also need to beef up safety for members of his family who fear for their safety after turning rat for the feds.

6xi9ine was imprisoned for at least 47 years, but is anticipated to receive a decreased sentence in exchange for his collaboration with prosecutors. He thinks that as soon as next year he will be released.

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