Nas – Jarreau of Rap (Skatt Attack) Feat Keyon Harrold & Al Jarreau + LYRICS

Nas Jarreau of Rap (Skatt Attack) Feat Keyon Harrold & Al Jarreau + LYRICS

we are hoping you’re prepared for Nas’s The lost Tapes 2, due to the fact he is right here to remind you why his call is almost always included on G.O.A.T. rappers lists. The album is about to hit the streets subsequent Friday on July 19, and to set matters off Nas has launched his Eddie Cole-produced tune, “Jarreau of Rap (Skatt attack).”

Iconic vocalist Al Jarreau handed away in 2017 at 77-years-vintage, however his impact on the global lifestyle of track lives on. He was referred to as a prolific scat singer, and Nas makes use of the artwork’s quickened style on his brand new single. He even blends in Jarreau’s vocals at the tune in conjunction with the internationally diagnosed jazz artist Keyon Harrold.

via calling himself the “Jarreau of Rap,” Nas is declaring that now not simplest is he one of the best, but there also are no others who can come near his capabilities. His lyrical wordplay is enjoyable in this unmarried, so deliver it a few listens and allow us to understand if you’re looking forward to The misplaced Tapes 2.

Quotable Lyrics

Everybody’s not gon’ get you but keep going
I be cruising 40,000 feet like I’m a boat
Doubting me they said I would have no longevity
Instead I’m steadily rapping these fundamentals
I assemble synthesis
Cuss so much that I’ve unadventurous
I’ve been uninterested
Living life is what matters
Chill I’m the humble bragger

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