Vado What’s Beef Freestyle LYRICS + MP3

Vado What’s Beef Freestyle LYRICS + MP3

Over the previous few years, Vado has not slowed down. Although he grew to fame a decade ago, at whatever opportunity he gets, he has continued to flood the streets with fresh music.

Whether it’s a freestyle, a collab, or a fresh single, he’s making sure fans regularly have something to run to. Now the rapper went through over an iconic East Coast beat of the 90s with a brand new freestyle.

Vado What’s Beef Freestyle LYRICS

[Verse 1:Vado]
Har-Har-Har-Har, Six-Firty Ferrar’
All you need come and get it
A key would be terrific
As long as you can pitch it

I bomb atomically
Let the tommy leak on your Tommy Tee
Dancing with the devil
More heavy metal than tommy lee
Every time I re find me remixing like im Diamond D
Diggin’ in the crate

Where I’m from a gun is your I.D
Niggas will rob you just to front on the IG

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