Wiz Khalifa – No Change LYRICS + MP3

Wiz Khalifa No Change LYRICS + MP3

Over the previous week, Wiz Khalifa got busy. While he’s known to fall off a ton of music, he’s got a newfound hunger that every day will have him dropping fresh music. For the most part, it feels like attempting to channel the energy that Wiz Khalifa had in his mixtape days. He goes through with his new track, “No Change,” for his recent fall.

It’s a spacious, club banger with manufacturing that is becoming increasingly EDM-centric as the seconds pass. In order to manage hook tasks, Wiz casts the auto-tune on his voice.

Wiz Khalifa No Change LYRICS

She came here without me, said it’s like a drug
We ain’t spendin’ money on it if it’s out the budget
Stay to myself, keep my business out the public
You ain’t talkin’ money dawg, I ain’t with the subject

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